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Caribbean Underwater Gallery III - Scuba diving on Caribbean sites

Caribbean Underwater Gallery 1 - Fish Portraits

Indo-Pacific Underwater Gallery III - Soft corals from Fiji and the Coral Sea

Indo-Pacific Underwater Gallery I - Clownfish in Sea Anemones

Caribbean Underwater Gallery V - Caribbean marine invertebrates of caves and walls

Caribbean Underwater Gallery II - Marine sponges of deeper water

Indo-Pacific Underwater Gallery III - Soft corals from Fiji and the Coral Sea

Caribbean Underwater Gallery IV - Caribbean marine invertebrates

Gallery of marine life of San Pedro Nolasco Island in the Sea of Cortez

Islas Galápagos Nature Gallery

Organ Mountains Gallery IV - Organ Mountain wildflowers

Organ Mountains Gallery III - Organ Mountain cactus flowers

Organ Mountains Gallery I - Spring and summer landscapes in the Organ Mountains of New Mexico

Organ Mountains Gallery II - Winter landscapes from the Organ Mountains of New Mexico

Walt and Mimi Miller welcome you to Ramblin' Cameras!

In this web site, we invite you to share with us a small photographic celebration of the beauty of the natural world. 

Our regards
Walt and Mimi

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Red algae at Grand Prismatic Spring, in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
This image was chosen for permanent display at the American Museum of Natural History
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