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Southeast View of Rabbit Ear Spires in Winter

San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico


* The sun is rising on a foggy morning on the western slopes of Tetakawi (Tetas de Cabra), near San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico.  The scene has an almost surreal attraction.  For the photographer, fog always offers something special.  Apart from the scene above,  in fog it is always possible to find small memorable subjects.  Such a one is offered in our next Feature Image 28.

There is an interesting sidelight on the name of the mountain.  According to Mr. Roberto Miramontes, many people think that the significance of  Tetakawi is 'Tetas de Cabra'.  Mr. Miramontes asserts that the truth of the translation arises from the Yaqui or Cahita: Teta (stones), Cahui ( pile or hill); thus Tetakawi would mean 'Hill of Stones".

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