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Butterfly Fishermen on Laguna Pátzcuaro

Michoacán, Mexico


*. The above image portrays a pair of Butterfly Fishermen in their traditional canoes, each carved from a single tree-trunk.  They  are fishing for the pez blanco, pescado blanco (white-fish),  being considered a delicacy.  The nets, which the fishermen employ are also traditional, and give the boats a fancied appearance of butterflies, hence the name.  In the background is Isla Janitzio, home of these unique fishermen.  Prominent atop the island is a statue of José Maria Morelos, a great hero of Mexico's War of Independence.  So famous are the Butterfly Fishermen, that they are pictured on the back of the 50 Peso Mexican banknote.  It is interesting that Janitzio may be translated as (where it rains), or (place to fish).

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