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San Juan Mountains Photography Gallery III

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First light - North Clear Creek Falls.

A dramatic view of North Clear Creek Falls in early morning.

South Clear Creek Falls, with surrounding walls textured by early morning light.

A closer look as South Clear Creek Falls.

Rifle Falls, at Rifle Falls State Park, northeast of Montrose.

Small waterfall near South Mineral Creek Campground

An attractive little cascade on the stream draining American Basin.

A pleasant view across Upper Twin Falls, Yankee Boy Basin.

A hiker rests at Lower Twin Falls, Yankee Boy Basin.

Fast water of a stream in Blaine Basin.

Fast water, Parry's Primroses, small stream in Blaine Basin.

Small waterfall and flowering Heartleaved Bittercress, Blaine Basin.

Alpine Sunflowers beside a small waterfall  near the Jeep Road to Clear Lakes.

Storm and Vermillion Peak, near Trout Lake.

A break in the storm lights up Red Mountain

Stormy skies over Mount Gilpin, Yankee Boy Basin

A winter sun breaks out over Engineer Peak.

View from the old, closed Buchanan Mine, on the Clear Lakes Jeep Road.

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