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Caribbean Underwater Photography Gallery I


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Deep Water Gorgonian and Elephant Ear Sponge in cave - West Bay. Grand Cayman Island BWI

White Sponge with pale pink Lace Coral, Eden Caves, Grand Cayman Island, BWI

Purple Lace Coral, White Sponges and small invertebrates, Eden Caves, Grand Cayman Island, BWI

White Sponge, Red Encrusting Sponges, and Orange Thread Gorgonian,North Wall,  Grand Cayman Island

Feather Hydroids on Black Coral with Red Sponge, Little Cayman Island, BWI

Pale greenish Anemone and brick red Finger Sponges, canyon wall, West Bay, Grand Cayman Island, BWI

Orange Zooanthids on brown Finger Sponge, Little Cayman Island, BWI

Barber Pole Cleaner Shrimp on Deep Water Gorgonian, West Bay, Grand Cayman Island

Deep red Cup Sponges and whitish Gorgonian,North Wall,  Cayman Island, BWI

Orange Thread Gorgonians with red Encrusting Sponge, North wall, Grand Cayman Island BWI

Large colony of Orange Thread Gorgonian, North Wall, Grand Cayman, Island, BWI

Orange Sponge and White Sea Frost on Black Coral,  Little Cayman Island, BWI

Large colony of Sea Frost on Black Coral, Jackson Bay, Little Cayman Island, BWI

Maroon Xestosponge, white lacy Sea Frost, and a rare Monaxial Sponge.

Brittle Star on a branch of a deep-water Black Coral Tree, Jackson Bay, Little Cayman Island

Bluebell Tunicates with Sponges and Bryzoans, Sea mount, Hog Islands, (Cayos Cochinos), Honduras

A Lima Clam hides in a tube in the boiler room, Shipwreck Balboa, Grand Cayman Island BWI

An Arrow Crab takes refuge in a Glassy Sponge, Bloody Bay Wall, Little Cayman Island, BWI

Large, solitary Tunicate Ascidia sydneiensis, found a crevice off the North Wall, Grand Cayman Island

Very large and old Lima Clam, with faded mantle, Little Cayman Island, BWI

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