Red Cup Sponges (Mycale sp.) beside an unidentified Gorgonian, along with some yellowish Fire Coral. 
North Wall, Cayman Island  -   Depth 140 feet or 43 meters

Marine Invertebrates from Caves and Walls - Caribbean Underwater Photography Gallery V

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Marine Invertebrates of Reefs, Walls, and Caves

Caribbean Underwater Photography Gallery V


  * The Red Cup Sponges (Mycale sp.) we consider the jewels of the deep walls of the Cayman Islands. Here we have a trio beside an unidentified Gorgonian with large polyps; along with yellowish Fire Coral.  Just visible are the arms of a Brittle  Star, most likely (Ophiothrix swensonii.)  Look closely at the rims of the sponges, and see if you can see a trace of a transparent, glassy lip.
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