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  Organ Mountains Photography Gallery V


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A dramatic view of the North Rabbit Ear from Rabbit Ear Plateau

Artemis' Temple with a fringe of autumn Oaks,  from the high route through Indian Hollow

Nostalgia - Autumn Aspen and Oaks, and the sweep of Atremis' Temple and the east face of the Organ Needle.

Autumn Maples on route to Low Horns, Organ Mountains, New Mexico

Backlit Ash Tree and lightning-struck Pondorosa Pine, from a route to the Low Horns

Golden Aspen and Sugarloaf Peak from a canyon off Indian Hollow

Autumn Ash in canyon below the southern Low Horns. Maples in Fall colors,  seen in a high canyon below the southern Low Horns Autumn Maples and Lichen covered rock,along an eastern  route to the  Low Horns, Organ Mountains Maples in autumn colors on an eastern route to the Low Horns, Aguirre Springs High in Indian Hollow, Oaks in fall colors frame a scene of Artemis' Temple and the  southeastern faces of the Organ Needle.
The Rabbit Ear Spires from Rabbit Ears Plateau

Powerful storm over the Organ Mountains from Baylor Canyon Road

Rare ice fog leaves Soaptree Yuccas glazed with ice.   Aquirre Springs Access Road.

Yuccas in silhouette in unusual ice fog, Aguirre Springs Access Road

Ice covered blossom stalk of yucca in unusual ice fog

A low sun and lush green desert, Baylor Canyon Road

Sunrise over the Organ Mountains from Baylor Canyon Road

Spectacular sunset from the western slopes of the Organ Mountains

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