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Aspens in  Fall Colors Dominated by Mount Sneffels

Photo of the Month - September


This beautiful little glade has long been an autumn favorite for us, and we have never seen it to fail in showing its pleasing fall colors. The little glade is visible from the road, and is located a few miles along the access road to East Dallas Creek, indicated as Uncompahgre National Forest Access Road. At the end of this road are the popular Blue Lakes and Blaine Basin Trailheads. In the fall, the entire road to East Dallas Creek is spectacular with Oak, Aspens, and Cottonwood Trees, and in many spots such as the above, Mount Sneffels (14,150 feet) dominates the landscape.

The road is a bit bumpy, and only primitive camping conditions are found, but many people, ourselves included, return year after year. Wildlife is plentiful, but shy. We have seen deer, black bear, elk, and an abundance of smaller animals. Small ranchers still run a few head of cattle in this region, and if you should choose to visit, drive slowly and carefully, and try not to startle the cows. In this part of the country, a little courtesy in this respect will be appreciated.   -  Late September

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