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Flowers of the Night-Blooming Echinops Hybrid 'Los Angeles'

Photo of the Month Gallery 1 - July


*The above flower is one of the many spectacular hybrids of the night-blooming Echinopsis cactus, probably the 'Los Angeles' variety. A free-blooming species, it flowers at intervals during the entire summer here in New Mexico, sending out a number of buds that sometimes extend to nearly six inches. Frequently, several flowers open at the same time, affording a striking display.

The origin is lost, since for nearly two centuries, hybrids have been deliberately and accidentally created. The original stock was probably the Echinopsis multiplex or Echinopsis eyriesii.   -    March/August

To learn more about the many and beautiful Echinopsis hybrids, we suggest you visit Bob Schick's excellent website    Bob Schick's Catalogue of Echinopsis Hybrids

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