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A Deck Scene from the Schooner 'Heddy" off Roatan

Photo of the Month Gallery 2 - May


*If we were asked to name our favorite means of travel, we would be forced to choose boats. All kinds of boats. Rafts, kayaks, canoes, motor sailers, powerboats, sailboats, and sailing ships. We especially love the latter, to be precise the larger sailing ships. When aboard such a craft, you are generally going somewhere, and there is enough time to adapt to an appealing new pace and a new set of rhythms. Add to this the pleasurable anticipation of your destination, and you have a combination difficult to beat.

For the photo of the month for May, we have chosen a shot from the deck of the two-masted gaff-rigged Schooner Heddy. This 103 foot ship was launched in Scandinavia in 1913, and is, or was, of Honduranian register. Her rigging made her especially suitable for coastal cruising as well as ocean voyages. On our charter cruise, the passengers were encouraged to assist the small crew, hauling on lines and weighing anchor. The trip was enough to make us addicts. If you love something different, barefoot sailing may be for you.

The image was taken as the Heddy moved toward a line of squalls in a run from Roatan in the Bay Islands of Honduras to the mainland. The Heddy was used as a base for scuba diving at Roatan, the Bay Islands of Marot and Barbareta, Hog Island (Cayos Cochinos), and sites off the Honduranian mainland. This was one of our more memorable travel and diving experiences, and resulted in a number of the images displayed in our Caribbean galleries.

Schooners have a rich nautical history. To learn a bit more about these fascinating ships, we recommend you visit Tom Van Osterhout's

Schooner Man's Nautical Resources.

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