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A Quiet Scene at Window Rock, Sea of Cortez, Mexico

Photo of the Month Gallery 2 - July

*The photo of the month for July is one of those 'Targets of Opportunity' that crop up on occasion. We were boating in the Sea of Cortez, in Ensenada San Francisco, out of San Carlos Bay ( Bajia de San Carlos). We were looking for sea birds and doing a bit of scouting with snorkels for possible sites for underwater photography. At a small, guano covered island called Window Rock (Isla la Ventana), our daughter decided to swim to a rocky outcrop to explore. We noticed that as she stood looking about, her silhouette made a pleasing composition. Bright sunlight allowed us to use a high shutter speed, freezing the motion of the boat.

Boating provides all sorts of opportunities for unusual images. We have found a few rules helpful. We always switch off the engine if we are in a power boat. The vibrations of a running engine can easily blur an image. We always shoot at the fastest shutter speed commensurate with required depth of field. We always watch the horizon. When a boat is rocking, it is easy to ruin an otherwise excellent image if such is tilted. If it is necessary to photograph with the engine running, try padding the feet of your tripod.

For those interested in learning a bit more about the Sea of Cortez, we advise Todd Johnsons excellent site

Cruise the Sea of Cortez

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