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Prolific Galápagos invertebrate life: Pale Soft Coral, pink-brown Gorgonian Fans, white and red Sponges, and other less easily identified marine animals. 
 Isla Champion - Islas Galápagos, Ecuador - Depth 100 feet

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Underwater Photography

Islas Galápagos, Ecuador, South America


* In this perspective of the habitat of the last image, Gorgonian Sea Fans (Muricea sp. ?) appear on the left center.  On the upper right is the unidentified soft coral .  On the surface of the enclosing boulders, in the background, are white, brown, and red sponges, also wine-red tests of Foraminifera (?).   In the upper left are white sponges, and some other white organism, perhaps a Byrozoan.

   Isla Champion - Islas Galápagos, Ecuador - Depth 100 feet or 30 meters

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