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A scene rich in invertebrate life: A yellow spotted Sea Cucumber, feathery Hydroids, brick-red  Epizoanthids, a Sea Fan with polyps extended, and other marine invertebrates. Punta Vicente Roca, Isla Fernandina, Islas Galápagos, Ecuador - Depth 45 feet

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Underwater Photography

Islas Galápagos, Ecuador, South America


* This habitat is a ménage of different marine organisms.  On the bottom right is a Yellow Spotted Sea Cucumber or Pepino (Stichopus fuscus), that appears among brick-red Epizoanthids (?) (Epizoanthus sp.?), and Feather Hydroids (Aglaophenia sp ?).  Feather hydroids are also visible to the left of an orange and white Colonial Serpulid, probably (Filograna implexa).   In the upper left corner is a red Sea Fan (Pacifigorgia sp ?) in polyp.  At the lower left of the Sea Fan are non reef-building Hard Corals (Tubastraea sp.).  The  brilliant white organism in the upper right corner is an unidentified sponge that is nearly iridescent and highly reflective.

Isla Fernandina, Islas Galápagos, Ecuador - Depth 45 feet or 14 meters

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