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Indo-Pacific Underwater Gallery 1

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Many colored Soft Coral with Red Encrusting Sponge, Astrolabe Reef, Kadavu, Fiji

Multicolored Soft Coral, Astrolabe Reef, Kadavu, Fiji

Crimson tree-like Soft Coral, Astroabe Reef, Kadavu, Fiji

Apricot Soft Coral and Crinoid fan, Laboratory Point, Kadavu, Fiji

Soft Coral with Yellow Sponge, Astrolabe Reef, Kadavu, Fiji

A soft peach colored Soft Coral, Astrolabe Reef, Kadavu, Fiji

Delicate pastel Soft Coral, Astrolabe reef, Kandavu, Fiji

Large pastel Soft Coral at cave mouth, Astrolabe reef, Kadavu, Fiji

Delicately colored branching Soft Coral with yellow spicules

Closer look at Soft Coral branch with yellow spicules adding color

Detail of Soft Coral branch showing beautiful yellow spicules

Detail of Soft Coral stem showing white spicules, Astrolabe Reef, Kadavu, Fiji

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Soft Corals of Fiji and Astrolabe Reef

Indo-Pacific Underwater Photography Gallery IV