Bright red Encrusting Sponges and many-colored Soft Corals are typical of the Color Wall at Astrolabe Reef.
Astrolabe Reef, Kadavu, Fiji - Depth 65 feet or 20 meters

Soft Corals 1 - Indo-Pacific Underwater Photography Gallery III

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Soft Corals From Fiji, The Great Barrier Reef, and the Coral Sea

Indo-Pacific Underwater Photography Gallery III


* The Color Wall was a favorite stopping place for Captain Eric Dawdle.  An early explorer of Astrolabe Reef, Captain Dawdle skippered the motor sailor Sta-Reta , and learned his seamanship at the Isle of Jersey, among other places.  At the Color Wall, strong, nutrient bearing currents allows soft corals of many colors to grow in profusion, but these same currents generally keep the size of individual corals small.

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