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Miniature Horse among a Field of Poppies

Organ Mountains, New Mexico


*The presence of late fall rains and winter snows resulted in a spectacular March blooming season in parts of the Southwestern American Desert. In particular, in the Organ Mountains of southern New Mexico, wildflowers reached a level of abundance that reflected the El Niño weather pattern. At spots along the access road to Aguirre Springs National Recreation Area, the Mexican Poppies put on a striking display. For example, see (1), (2), (3), (4).

While driving to Aguirre Springs, we passed on the right a small foothills ranch, with a group of Miniature Horses grazing nearby, amidst a large stand of poppies. We did not wish to disturb their grazing, so we trotted out a telephoto lens, and were able to shoot the above image of one really delightful little fellow. It was interesting that none of the horses ever appeared to eat the poppies, but carefully chose little clumps of grass located here and there among the blossoms.  -  Early April

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