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San Juan Mountains, Colorado

San Juan Mountains, Colorado


*In late September, warm early morning tones provide a dreamy ambiance to the still waters of the Third Vermillion Lake.  Rising mist is reflected in the calm water, along with the classic profile of Mount Rundle.  It is said that that Mount Rundle is the most photographed mountain in Banff National Park, and perhaps in the Canadian Rockies.  One can easily believe that this is true,  due to the many moods the environment of mountain and lakes can show.  An added plus is the easy accessibility. 

Incidentally, the above image was taken using Kodak Royal Gold 100 film, then scanned on the Nikon Super Coolscan 4000.  We had earlier noted the saturated response of this print film, especially  to reds, and decided to try it on sunrises and sunsets.    The above is one result.    -   Early October

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