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Desert Photography Gallery III

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Desert Primroses in the Algodones Dunes in California west of Yuma, Arizona

Stand of Desert Primrose in the Algodones Sand Dunes of eastern California

Sand Verbena and Desert Primrose at the Mohawk Sand Dunes, western Arizona

Flowering Hedgehog Cactus and Teddy Bear Cholla, Kofa Mountains, Arizona

Desert landscape with Teddy Bear Chollas and El Nio's stormy skies

An Ajo Lily blooms in the Algodones dunes of California

Storm clouds and Teddy Bear Cholla, Kofa Mountains, Arizona

Teddy Bear Cholla and pale storm light, Kofa Mountains, Arizona

Hedgehog Cactus and Teddy Bear Chollas, Kofa Mountains, Arizona

Flowering Beavertail Cactus and Brittlebush, Kofa Mountains, Arizona

Beavertail Cactus blossoms, Squaw Canyon, Kofa National Wildlife Refuge, Arizona

Beavertail Prickly Pear flower, Kofa Mountains, Arizona

Rainbow and Teddybear Cholla, Kofa Mountains, Arizona

A quick summer thunderstorm passes the Baboquivari mountains, southern Arizona

Mojave Desert landscape, sunrise and Joshua Trees.

Joshua Tree , Saguaro, and mackarel clouds, north of  Wickenburg, Arizona.

Sunset silhouettes an old Joshua Tree , Arizona desert north of Wickenburg

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North American Desert Photography - Gallery III