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Desert Photography Gallery I

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An El Niņo phenomenon, Elephant Trees flowering in various pastel shades

Cirios, Cardons, and Elephant Trees among granite boulders on Cataviņa Mesa.

A Brightly colored Elephant Tree blooms by a giant Cardon.

Such thick, tapering branches give the Elephant Tree its name.

A Schott's Agave blooms on Baja California's Pacific Coast.

A scene featuring Shott's Agave,  from the western coastline of Baja California, near La Bufadora (The Buffalo Snort).

 Goldmann's Agave, Cirios and Yucca validas near Punta Prieta.

 A fortunate El Niņo year indeed, when Baja California's Blue Palms bloom.

Love vine or Cuscutia colors the Elephant Trees along arroyo de San Fransiscito, Baja California.

 Blooming Elephant Tree, with Cardon and Cirio, Cataviņa Mesa.

Morning light and Elephant Trees, Cataviņa Mesa.

Flower of the night blooming Cardon Cactus

Pale flowers of the Maritime Hedgehog Cactus.

Flowers of the night blooming Senita Cactus.

Mutant flower of the Yucca whipplei, near La Turquesa

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