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Desert Photography Gallery I

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Lifting fog and blossoming Elephant Trees at Cataviņa Mesa.

El Niņo touches the Elephant Trees, Baja California

Low sun and storm filled skies and an asterism in a Valida Yucca.

Stormy skies with Cirios and blooming Yuccas near Rancho Areņoso.

Stormy skies, Cirios, and Yucca validas, Punta Prieta, Baja California Norte

Stormy skies, Cirios and Cardon Cactus, Desengaņo Ruins

A storm looms ahead along the old road through Cataviņa  Mesa.

A typical Cataviņa Mesa scene, with granite boulders and Cirios.

Storm clouds threaten behind a blooming Elephant Tree on the road to Mission Santa Borja.

A Blue palm silhouetted against lifting fog in Arroyo Cataviņa.

Stormy El Niņo skies and Goldmann's Agave

The El Niņo touch, stormy evening skies and fat, water filled Cardon cacti.

Through a break in the storm, a low sun lights the Cirios near Bajia de los Angeles.

A heavy storm provides a backdrop for the Cirios near Bajia de los Angeles.

Sunset silhouettes Baja California's unique Cirios.

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Stormy Skies over Baja California

North American Desert Photography Gallery I