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San Juan Mountains Photography Gallery VI

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 American Basin at first light with Marsh Marigolds providing a foreground for a small but lovely waterfall.  San Juan Mountains, Colorado

Surrounding peaks mirrored in Lower Clear Lake, with Marsh Marigolds.

On a quiet morning, ice and snow linger late at Upper Clear Lake.

Upper Clear Lake, lingering ice, and a stand of Marsh Marigold.

A Marsh Marigold pushes its way through a pattern of ice.

 A Marsh Marigold displays its blossoms in an icy setting.

 A cluster of flowers of the Sky Pilot, by a lichen covered boulder.

 A closer look at a cluster of blossoms of the Sky Pilot.

 Blossoms of the Moss Campion with yellow lichens.

 White Cushion Phlox among lichen-covered slabs.

Red Parry's Primrose and white Marsh Marigolds near Upper Clear Lake.

Rose Paintbrush and Cinquefoil by boulder at Clear Lake.

A colorful variety of  Alpine Rose Paintbrush.

Color variations of Rose Paintbrush in an alpine meadow.

An unusual and beautiful form of Rose Paintbrush, possibly a hybrid.

The dominant paintbrush is a combination of light green and yellow, making attractive a view of mountains to the north of clear Lakes.

 A stand of Alpine Sunflowers south of Upper Clear Lake.

Alpine sunflowers on lichen covered rock  -  Clear Lakes

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Alpine Lakes, Tundra, and Wildflowers

San Juan Mountains of colorado Gallery VI