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San Juan Mountains Photography Gallery I

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Marsh Marigold and Globe Flower on the Blue Lakes Trail in Sneffels Wilderness Area.

Parry's Primrose beside a stream in the deep woods. - Blaine Basin

Closeup of a  Calypso Orchid (Calypso bulbosa) from the Blue Lakes Trail in the San Juan Mountains.

A trio of early spring Violets. - Blue Lakes Trail

A Wood Nymph among Mosses and Lichens, Blaine Basin Trail, East Dallas Creek, San Juan Mountains, Colorado

Pyrola, or Wintergreen from a boggy area along the Blaine Basin Trail.

Calypso Orchid in the forest off the Blue Lakes Trail.

Red Columbine - Plentiful on the Lower Blaine Basin Trail

A type of Colombine with an unusually large blossom found near Governor's Basin.

The Amanita Muscaria, certainly one of the most photogenic of mushrooms., Blaine Basin Trail

By the red cap, we guess this mushroom is Russula emetica.  Middle Blue Lakes Trail.

By the delicate rose-red stem, Russula rosacea.  Middle Blaine Basin Trail

Attractive mushroom (Lactarius ?) in Moss, Blue Lakes Trail

Mushroom group (Collybia ?) growing in Moss at the base of a tree.  Blue Lakes Trail

A photogenic group of unidentified mushrooms from the middle Blaine Basin Trail.

Small mushroom group (Lactarius sp ?), Blaine basin Trail.

This toxic mushroom, Pholiota squarrosa, we often encountered along the Blue Lakes Trail.

This tiny group of unidentified mushrooms was found in Moss along the lower Blue Lakes Trail.

Large unidentified mushroom found along the Blaine Basin Trail.

The mushroom Floccularia (Armillaria) albolanaripes was an unusual encounter along the Blue Lakes Trail.

A group of 'Fly Agaric' Mushrooms (Amanita muscaria); toxic, but colorful.


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