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San Juan Mountains Photography Gallery I

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Parry's Primrose by a small waterfall in American Basin.

Parry's Primrose beside a mountain stream in Blaine Basin.

Portrait of a Parry's Primrose  by a rushing stream high in Blaine Basin.

A streamside flower garden of Blue Colombine, Indian Paintbrush, and Bistort in Blaine Basin.

An atttractive grouping of Parry's Primrose in American Basin.

Yankee Boy Basin and a stand of Fireweed, in the distance, Twin Falls..

A colorful stand of Lupine, off the access road to East Dallas Creek, Sneffels Range.

A dense field of Lupine sby the road to Heath Ranch, near Ouray Colorado.

The bright red of Indian Paintbrush stands out in a field of Lupine.  Last Dollar Road

American Basin and an early appearing stand of Blue Columbine.

Bright Blue Columbine near South Mineral Creek Campground.

A closer look at a flower of the Colorado Blue Columbine.

 An attractive pair of blossoming Iris, seen on the way to American Basin.

 A single lovely blossom of early Spring Iris, off the access road to American Basin.

Lupine, and Mule's Ear decorate an old fence row.  Last Dollar Road.

Dandelions cover a  meadow near South Mineral Creek Campground.

An abundant stand of Mule's Ears, a type of Sunflower, beside the Last Dollar Road.

Large and beautiful Mule's Ear flower beside a fence row on the Last Dollar Road.

Mariposa Lilies, Weehawken Trail, off Camp Bird Road above Ouray.

Blue colombine, Yankee Boy Basin, Sneffels Range, San Juan Mountains, Colorado.

Lupines, beside an Aspen Tree, seem to glow in the diffuse light.

Harebells beside a silvery Aspen.  East Dallas Creek

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San Juan Mountains Scenic and Nature Gallery I