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San Juan Mountains Photography Gallery III


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Storm builds over peaks of east Sneffels Range, from Ouray County Road 7A.

Early Winter storm momentarily breaks, revealing Mears and Hayden Peaks - from old Blaine Basin Mine Road.

Fall colors hilight the view of Hayden Peak, along the road to West Dallas Creek.

Aspens in fall colors in Beaver Creek Valley, from Ouray County Road 7.

A beautiful sweep of aspen, and in the distance Mount Sneffels, from the road to East Dallas Creek.

Late evening light on Aspens and the north face of Cirque Mountain, from the access road to East Dallas Creek.

A handsome clump of aspens off the access road to East Dallas Creek.

Aspens side lit by a late sun, off the road to East Dallas Creek.

Aspens in backlight, off the access to East Dallas Creek.

Bright colored aspens, tinged with red, off the  Last Dollar Road.

An overhead sun illuminates a stand of aspen along the Weehawken Trail.

A natural asterism in an autumnn Cottonwood overhanging the San Miguel River.

An aspen grove off the Fall Creek Road near Sawpit, is decorated by an asterism.

Aspen leaves in fall colors form a delicate pattern. Access road to East Dallas Creek.

In the fall, along the trail to Blue Lakes, you can sometimes find the attractive berries of the Baneberry.

Rose hips from the Prickly Rose, East Dallas Creek Road.

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