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San Juan Mountains Photography Gallery III

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Wilson Peak, and a tapestry of aspens, from the Rim Trail at Sunshine Campground, near Telluride.

Sunshine Peak and Wilson Peak from the Rim Trail at Sunshine Campground.

A view across the canon of the San Miguel River, from the Rim Trail at Sunshine Campground.

Fall colors of aspen and narrow-leaf cottonwood, along the San Miguel River.

Aspens and Cottonwoods in evening light, along the San Miguel River.

Aspen leaves decorate Cushman Lake.  South of Telluride, along the San Juan Skyway.

A stand of golden aspens, along the road to West Dallas Creek.

A stand of very tall Aspen Trees in full fall colors, East Dallas Creek Road.

A pattern of golden aspen leaves contrast pleasantly with the light colored bark.

Fall along Uncompaghre Forest Service Road 851 to East Dallas Creek

A show of Fall colors along the old road to Blaine Mine.  East Dallas Creek Area.

Mountain biker admires fall colors at the Falls Creek Overlook, Camp Bird Road.

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