The "Midnight Cowfish" (Acanthostracion polygonius) in night colors in a Deep-water Gorgonian, photographed at midnight.
West Bay, Grand Cayman Island - Depth 90 feet or 27 meters

Reef Fish Portraits - Caribbean Underwater Photography Gallery I

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Reef Fish Portraits

Caribbean Underwater Photography Gallery I


 *  Because of the depth involved, we had carefully scouted a site for a night dive in an area in West Bay, Grand Cayman Island.  Our goal was to quickly locate at night a small cave at 130 feet (40 meters), in which  the little Caribbean Flashlight Fish (Photoblepharon palpebratum) had been sighted.  , The Flashlight fish is an elusive one with luminescent properties. We dropped into the water at near midnight, and on the way down to the we spotted the above Honeycomb Cowfish (Acanthostracion polygonius).  It was in a Deep-water Gorgonian (Icilogorgia schrammi) at a depth of 90 feet or 27 meters.  The shot was too good to miss, but a strong upwelling current made positioning difficult.  By the time we were satisfied we had our shots, we had only enough remaining bottom time for a quick glimpse of Flashlight Fish, whish were upside-down on the roof of the cave. 

An attractive little cousin to the Cowfish also found in West Bay is the Spotted  Trunkfish (Lactophrys bicaudalis).

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