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White Slipper Sponge, brown Sponge, and Orange Sea Whip.
North Wall, Grand Cayman Island,  Depth 125 feet or 38 meters

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Beautiful Marine Sponges

Caribbean Underwater Photography Gallery II


 * This is an interesting habitat.  Found beneath a protected overhanging shelf on the Great North Wall of Grand Cayman Island, it sports a variety of life.  In the forefront is our White Slipper Sponge, with an additional white sponge in the background.  Both  are unidentified Demosponges. In the background also is an unidentified Red Encrusting Sponge.  To the middle left is a brown sponge (Agelus sp.).  The orange wire-like organisms are probably Orange Sea Whips (Ellisella barbadensis).  Due to the protected and  and delicate nature of this fragile marine ecosystem, elaborate techniques in lighting, breath emission, and buoyancy control were necessary to avoid damage.

North Wall, Grand Cayman Island  - Depth 125 feet or 38 meters  -  Time 10:30 am

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